cable-related rules service gives you more content than Cable TV LawManager -- Now over 50,000 pages of essential Federal cable rules, statues, orders and more. And no computer rules service is easier to use.

Cable TV LawManager brings to your computer screen the latest, full text of...

• FCC Rules
Part  9: Interconnected Voice Over Internet Protocol Services
Part 11: Emergency Alert System
Part 17: Antenna Construction, Marking and Lighting
Part 25: Satellite Communications
Part 73: Broadcast Radio Services
Part 74: Experimental Radio, Auxiliary, Special Broadcast
Part 76: Multichannel Video and Cable Television Service
Part 78: Cable Television Relay Service
Part 79: Closed Captioning of Video Programming
Part 101: Fixed Microwave Services
• Telecommunications Act of 1996
with legislative history.
• Cable Act of 1992
with legislative history.
• Cable Act of 1984
as modified by Cable Act of 1992.
• FCC Reports, Orders and Notices of Proposed Rulemakings
since the Cable Act of 1992 -- the complete text of these essential cable documents as released by the FCC, not just the Federal Register summaries.
• Q&As, Cable Letters, Rate Forms and More
The essential details you need to fully understand the fast-changing FCC cable regulations and policy.







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