Cable TV LawManager, the leading rules service for the cable and telco industries. Following is a list of Cable TV LawManager subscribers. New subscribers are joining daily so the list is not complete. Many of the larger MSOs and law firms listed have multiple licenses -- in some cases more than a hundred.

If you work for a large MSO, more than likely someone at your company already subscribes. Call us at 1.800.883.8765 or click here to send us and e-mail and we'll tell you who.

MSOs and Networks
See Also: Attorneys and Consultants , Governments and Agencies , and Trade Associations .

21st Century Cable TV
Adelphia Communications
Buckeye Cablevision
Cable America Corp.
Charter Communications
Classic Cable
Comcast Cable Communications
Comedy Central
Conway Corporation
Cox Communications
Erie County Cablevision
Galaxy Telecommunications
Greene County Partners
Horizon Cable TV
Massillon Cable TV
Midcontinent Cable Communications
Milestone Communications
RCN Corporation
St. Croix Cable TV
Susquehana Communications
Time Warner Communications

Attorneys and Consultants

See Also: MSOs and Networks , Governments and Agencies , and Trade Associations .

Action Audit
Ashpaugh and Sculco
Atlantic Engineering Group
Barbara L. Waite, ESQ
Boardman, Suhr, Curry & Field
Buske Group
C2 Consulting
Cinnamon Mueller
Cohen, Dax, Koenig PC
Cole, Raywid, Braverman
Columbia Telecommunications Corp.
Cooper White & Cooper
Fleishman & Walsh
Front Range Consulting
Frost Brown Todd
Greg Fuentes, ESQ
Hogan & Hartson
Kinley & Associates
Larkin Hoffman
Leibowitz & Associates
Lynch Cox Gilman & Mahan
Monroe Telecommunications
Moss & Barnett
Moye White LLP
Municipal Services Associates
Osborn Maledon
Robert St. John Roper, ESQ
Robert St. John Roper, ESQ
Schottenstein, Zox Dunn
Telecommunications Management Corp.
Venable, Baetjer, Howard & Civiletti
Virchow Krause & Company
Walter & Haverfield
Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Guedes Cole & Boniske

Governments and Agencies
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Broward County
Colorado Springs
Contra Costa County
Delaware PSC
Easton Utilities
Fairfax County
Frankfort Plant Board
Glasgow Electric Board
Kern County
Los Angeles County
Loudoun County
Metropolitan Dade County
Monroe Water Light Gas
Monterey County
Montgomery County
Murry Electric Systems
Newnan Water & Light
Piedmont Triad COG
Prince Georges County
Public Cable TV Authority
Rainier Communications Commission
Saint Paul
San Diego
San Luis Obispo County
Sonoma County
St. Louis
St. Petersburg
Vermont Public Service Board
Village of Schaumburg

Trade Associations
See Also: MSOs and Networks, Attorneys and Consultants , and Governments and Agencies .

American Cable Association
Georgia Municipal Association
New York CATV & Telecommunications






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